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Bass Guitar Lessons – Learn from the Pro’s

Do you need bass guitar lessons in Bristol?

Are you interested in playing bass guitar and holding down the low end in a band? As a bass player, you may not always be the center of attention, but you are essential to the band’s success.

At our Bristol-based music school, we offer personalized, one-on-one bass guitar lessons with highly skilled and experienced tutors. Our bass guitar tutors have a proven track record of playing with some of the world’s finest musicians and have performed at renowned festivals like Glastonbury and Leeds.

We take great care in selecting our tutors to ensure that they possess the right personality, professionalism, and skillset to meet our customers’ needs. Our bass guitar tutors work closely with Bristol Music Lessons, and we teach students of all ages, including children as young as seven years old and adults.

Top Level Bass Guitar Teachers

Our bass guitar tutors are professional-level musicians with music degrees and grade 8 certificates. They also have extensive professional performance experience, which they bring to the table to help students improve their skills.

We are confident that your bass guitar teacher will inspire you and help you reach your full potential. That’s why we offer the first 20 minutes of your lesson for free – we believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the joy of music.

We are experts in the Bass Guitar

Tempo director Jim has played extensively as a professional session musician


There are specialists for Rock/Pop, Acoustic/Folk, Jazz, Metal and Classical. Crucially, finding your perfect guitar tutor will save you years of effort and frustration. Contact us today to book a free trial lesson.

For students who wish to take guitar and bass exams, we are happy to support you, and we usually recommend the Rockschool syllabus. Please chat to us to find out more. We also cover ABRSM, Trinity and others.

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Some aspects of Bass Guitar playing we can help with..

  • Bass Guitar lessons for children

  • Beginner technique, basic skills, scales and notes

  • Pick technique, fingerstyle, slapping and tapping

  • Build your bass solos

  • Scales, arpeggios and exercises
  • Improvisation – Blues and Jazz, soloing technique
  • Grade Exams, GCSE , A-Level.

Musical skills we will help you develop in our Bass Guitar lessons..

  • Rhythm and timing
  • Aural skills, recognising notes and chords

  • Practice skills. How to get the most of your time

  • Band Skills. How to play with others

  • Songwriting, Composition and Improvisation

  • Equipment and Maintenance

Booking Time Block Booking Ad-Hoc
30 Minutes £16.50 £17.50
40 Minutes £22 £23.10
45 Minutes £24.75 £26.25
60 Minutes £33 £35
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