Complaints Procedure

All complaints received are taken extremely seriously. This procedure sets out the steps taken by Tempo Tuition for breaches in the company’s Safeguarding Policy and/or Terms and Conditions.

The Head Tutor shall take minutes of all meetings in which complaints are discussed. Minutes are to be made available to members of the SLT. In addition, the minutes shall be made available upon request by the individuals involved in the complaint (including the complainant and the respondent).

The Head Tutor may bring in relevant external organisations or individuals to assist, advise, and provide expertise. In this event, individuals involved in the complaint (including the complainant and the respondent) shall be informed.

All complaints will be dealt with confidentially by all parties, except where it is necessary to disclose information in order to carry out a fair and proper investigation. Head Tutor is found to have breached confidentiality, they will be removed from the investigation and subjected to disciplinary review.

If the complainant wishes to be anonymous, they may indicate this to us in their complaint, but they must include contact information for the purposes of a fair and proper investigation. The Head Tutor has a legal responsibility to anonymise such complaints.

Responses to the Complaint

In the event that a breach of the Safeguarding Policy or Terms of Service have been found, the Head Tutor may impose sanctions appropriate. Some potential sanctions include referal to the policy and/or child protective services, temporary or permanent suspension from the Intrepid Learning platforms, or the issuing of a formal warning. Appeals are not typically accepted.

Tempo Tuition will refer complaints to the police and child protective services in cases where it is deemed necessary by the Head Tutor. In this event, the procedure then falls to the relevant organisation for which the complaint has been referred. All individuals involved will be informed in this event.