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Logic, Ableton, DJ and Music Technology Lessons

Music Technology Lessons

Our Music Technology tutors include some of the biggest names in music production. We have tutors who have worked with acts such as Oasis, Destiny’s Child and Blur. Our tutors have performed as DJ’s internationally at festivals and nightclubs including Glastonbury.

if you’re just starting out in music production, aspire to be a top DJ, or rock music producer, we have a tutor for you.

Your free trial lesson is an opportunity to meet your tutor and find out what they can do for you.

We teach Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, Garageband, Bandlab, and more!

Some aspects of Guitar playing we can help with..

  • Rockschool Music Production Grades

  • Compression and Dynamics Processing

  • Effects, Mixing and Mastering

  • DAW, Project Setup

  • Microphone Selection, Placement and Technique

  • Signal Routing, Side-Chaining

  • Grade Exams, GCSE , A-Level.

Musical skills we will help you develop in our Guitar lessons..

  • Rhythm, Pulse, Quantization

  • Aural skills, recognising notes and chords

  • Practice skills. How to get the most of your time

  • How to work with traditional musicians, recording instruments

  • Songwriting, Composition

  • Equipment and Maintenance

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40 Minutes £22 £23.10
45 Minutes £24.75 £26.25
60 Minutes £33 £35
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