Online Music Lessons

We teach all ages, including children (7+) and adults.

Why take Online Music Lessons?

Online music lessons are a great, convenient way to improve your playing and other music skills, without having to travel to a tutor, arrange transport, parking, and so on.

Our tutors are ready to teach from their fully-equipped studio spaces. Our team is experienced in giving online sessions and supported by expert senior tutors with decades of teaching experience.

Our customers currently take lessons from all over the UK as well as internationally in countries such as the USA, Gibraltar and Hong Kong. We are happy to work with any English-speaking students.

We teach via the most commonly used free software – Zoom and Skype

Don’t miss out, give our free trial lesson a go.

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  • Try a free trial session, no payment taken and no obligation to continue.

  • 90% of students who moved to online lessons during the UK lockdowns were happy to continue online when restrictions eased.

  • The same expert UK tutors as our ‘in person’ our in-person lessons

  • The safest option. Zero risk for disease transmission.

  • Save time, finish your lesson, turn off the device and continue your day

  • Our most eco-friendly lessons. Stay safe at home and save travel time.
  • Expert tutors with years of experience teaching online.

  • Screen sharing allows tutors to show learning materials live onscreen.
  • Mirror your tutors actions onscreen.

  • Get ‘up close’ to your tutor, much closer than most people would normally allow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online lessons more difficult?

A stable internet connection is important, if you have a newer device such as an iPad or laptop and a good internet connection, music lessons are now almost completely ‘live’ and we often find we can actually play in time with students just like ‘real life’.

What kind of internet do I need?

We recommend you check your usual internet speed here and aim for at least 10 mb/s – contact us if you’re unsure. The average broadband speed in the UK is around 40mb/s.

I’m concerned about the picture/audio quality

We are convinced that once you try an online music lesson, you will want to continue.

Try a session ‘on us’, meet your tutor, have a chat and a play and come back to us, with no obligation!

With prices that are simple and transparent.

We will make a recommendation after your free trial lesson.

You can upgrade your lesson time whenever you need to.

We do not push students into taking extra time.

Our referral bonus scheme

Refer a friend or family worldwide, and get £10 off your next lesson if they book a second session.

Refer 3 friends or family within a 12 month period, and receive 10% off your lessons for life.

Booking Time (per week)

Cost (Block Booking discount) Cost (Casual booking, ad-hoc)
30 Minutes £15 £16.50
40 Minutes £19.80 £22
45 Minutes £22.50 £24.75
60 Minutes £30 £33
20 Minute

Trial session

Free of Charge Free of Charge
Age of Student Recommended Booking (Per Week)
7-11 30 Minutes
11-16 40 / 45 Minutes
16+ (inc adult learners) 45 – 60 minutes