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Piano Lessons Gloucester

At Tempo Tuition, we have some of the UK’s best Pianists working as tutors.

Our tutors have played with some of the world’s finest musicians, appeared at large festivals such as Leeds, Glastonbury, made TV appearances, and secured recording contracts.

Our Piano Tutors are professional-level musicians, many with music degrees, grade 8 certificates, and professional performance experience.

We guarantee our Piano tutors will inspire you, we are so confident that we will give you 20 minutes for free.

We cover most of the Gloucester area.

We can visit you if you have a Keyboard or Piano at home, or you can visit us.

Your trial piano lesson is an opportunity to meet your tutor and find out what they can do for you.

We teach Piano, Keyboard, Organ and all such keyed instruments.

We have specialists for Rock/Pop, Acoustic/Folk, Jazz, Metal and Classical. Our tutors will save you years of effort and frustration.

Some aspects of Piano playing we can help with..

  • Beginner technique, basic skills and chords

  • Arpeggios

  • Piano Soloing

  • Scales and technical exercises

  • Improvisation – Blues and Jazz,

  • Reading Piano Notation

  • Rockschool, ABRSM and Trinity Grade Exams, GCSE , A-Levels.

Musical skills we will help you develop in our Piano lessons..

  • Rhythm and timing
  • Aural skills, recognising notes and chords

  • Practice skills. How to get the most of your time

  • Band Skills. How to play with others

  • Songwriting, Composition and Improvisation

  • Equipment and Maintenance

Booking Time (per week)

Cost (Block Booking discount) Cost (Casual booking, ad-hoc)
30 Minutes £16.50 £17.50
40 Minutes £22 £23.10
45 Minutes £24.75 £26.25
60 Minutes £3 £35
20 Minute

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